EarthRenew Provides 100% Organic Fertilizer in a Granule for Specialty Crop, Home and Garden needs


Organic Fertilizer in a granule is an all-natural fertilizer and soil builder that promotes plant growth, improves soil aeration and builds soil organic content.

Safe to use around kids, pets and wildlife

OMRI Listed

Works on even the most sensitive crops

Easy to use – no soil testing required

Grows Healthier Plants

Adds Micronutrients

High concentration of organic matter and nutrients

Cost effective


EarthRenew is a safe and effective organic fertilizer containing a high concentration of organic matter and concentrated nutrients to increase plant health

Fruits and Berries

EarthRenew can be easily spread around the base of fruit trees and berry bushes. The pellets will naturally break down into the soil as water is applied. While benefiting the first year’s crop, the application of EarthRenew will also improve soil for the following year, resulting in a healthy and organic nutrient-rich soil and creating better yields.


EarthRenew fertilizer granules provide a functional and productive growth media for commercial marijuana cultivation. On-going trials suggest significant value for this application which can be extrapolated to other high value crops


EarthRenew is a perfect fit for flowers. The granules can easily be applied and incorporated before or during planting. Your plants will get all the right nutrients at all the right times throughout the growing season.


EarthRenew is safe and easy to apply at any time before or during planting. A well-balanced mix of nutrients and organic matter means that your vegetables will be well equipped for the full span of the growing season

Golf Courses / Municipalities

EarthRenew fertilizer granules provide a slow release source of nutrients that support productive turf growth. Nutrients remain available in the turf and do not wash away into water features or nearby water courses where they can have a significant negative environmental impact



Here at EarthRenew, we strive to create products that allow the plants to grow organically. Social and environmental sustainability are at the core of what drives us at EarthRenew. Our products are aimed to create an environment that is both beneficial for you and for the environment.


EarthRenew fertilizer production facility is located on a ~25,000 head feedlot near Calgary, Alberta

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