Run off from manure and chemical fertilizers are the primary sources of water pollution from agricultural sources. Chemicals leach into the groundwater and/or washed away into bodies of water. Nitrogen chemicals breakdown into nitrate, which contaminate water and can be dangerous for human health. Phosphorous chemicals stimulate the growth of the algae blooms in slow moving waters, removing oxygen and thereby killing aquatic life and making the water unsafe for human consumption.

EarthRenew Organic Fertilizer offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical fertilizer plant health. Slow and steady release of nutrients to plant roots results in a longer fertilization period, helping to prevent leaching into groundwater.


At EarthRenew we believe that quality of the food should never be put under question. We strive to create products that allow to improve plant health while being 100% organic. Our organic fertilizers are made from organic matter and do not contain any chemicals.

We strive to create products that allow the plants to grow organically. Social and environmental sustainability are at the core of what drives us at EarthRenew. Our products are aimed to create an environment that is both beneficial for you and for the environment.


“The USDA estimates that more than 335 million tons of dry matter waste is produced annually on farms in the United States”. Often, due to expenses associated with waste management, manure from livestock feeds is allowed to be stored in large open lagoons. As manure decomposes, harmful gases are emitted into the atmosphere, thereby contaminating the environment. Use of manure in our process provides an alternative solution to utilizing lagoons and thereby limiting the amount of harmful gases being emitted into the atmosphere.

Here at EarthRenew we use manure from livestock as an organic ingredient in the production of our 100% organic fertilizer. Our patented technology process removes all pathogens, pharmaceutical residue and weed seeds from manure in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.