Innovative Manure Management


Globally, the trend in livestock farming has been towards intensification as large numbers of animals are concentrated in facilities. As the demand for meat and dairy products continues to grow, the disposal of animal waste becomes an increasingly relevant issue.

Environmental Impact

Traditional disposal methods of composting and field spreading have negative environmental impacts and farmers face tough new regulations on waste disposal that limit their production capacity. EarthRenew provides high intensity livestock farmers with a cost effective and environmentally sound waste disposal solution.

Leading Innovation

EarthRenew is a low-cost proven waste management solution provider that converts animal manure into high value concentrated organic fertilizer in an energy efficient & environmentally friendly manner.


Processing fresh manure in an EarthRenew facility prevents carbon emissions that would typically occur through the decomposition process. Further cost savings include reduced transportation, distribution and field spreading expenses.


EarthRenewfertilizer production facility is located on a ~25,000 head feedlot near Calgary, Alberta

Proximity of the facility to the feedlot reduces transportation costs

The facility produces excess electricity, which can be used to contribute to the farms energy requirements

Plant is operational throughout the year, creating a sustainable, year-round manure management solution

Environmentally friendly process creates a positive outcome for the farm