Your ESG Investment in Regenerative Agriculture

Help us Build a Better Soil Future

With the world’s population topping 7 billion and food production taking up more than half of the world’s land surface, we care more than ever about finding sustainable ways to make the food we eat. To help, we are committed to offering farmers a better choice of what goes into the soil with the knowledge that if we take care of the soil, it will take care of us.

A Clear Path to Growth

At EarthRenew, we are making bold investments to produce scalable, sustainable soil health solutions.


Our prototype facility in Beiseker is scaling up production to 20,000 mt of product annually.

Blending Sites

We are securing a number of blending sites that will allow us to close in on 100,000 mt of production in the next year.

Capital Plans

Our capital plans have us growing from 40,000 to 400,000 mt tonnes in 5 years to meet the demand for regenerative fertilizer in Western Canada and the US.

Fertilizers that Heal

Conventional synthetic fertilizers provide nutrients to feed the plant but offer no beneficial ecological outcomes. Regenerative fertilizers ensure plants achieve optimal health by creating healthy, high-quality, biologically active soil.

ESG Since Before it Was Cool

We have been using a sustainable approach to business since before ESG investing was a thing. Turning Waste into Wonder has been the focus of our founders. Combining this experience with our expertise in formulations, we are transforming the regenerative fertilizer segment. 

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What is Regenerative Agriculture exactly?

Regenerative agriculture practices are focused on reversing climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity to improve carbon drawdown and protect water bodies. These sustainable practices require large-scale adoption by the global farming community for real impact to be realized.

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